South Coast of Newfoundland

Four weeks along the South Coast of Newfoundland aboard the “Concertina” from mid-July to mid-August 2006.

Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Morgan Arm to Rencontre West;
Another thrashing.

Hare Bay from Morgan Arm With a dropping glass, rain and fresh southerly gusts the decision was made to set out the storm anchor and then repair below for some reading time while the wind and rain carried on outside.
Hare Bay Northwest Arm and Morgan Bay
Looking to sea from Hare Bay By 1300 hours the rain had ended and we proceeded to get underway. The view above looks astern, inland from Hare Bay showing both the NW Arm and the NE or Morgan Arm where we had spent the night.

The view to the left looks the other way, out to sea.

Lumpy wind driven waves crossing larger swells made sea conditions challenging for a small craft such as “Concertina”, so we motor-sailed by tacking into the rising westerly breeze, discovering that staying farther offshore away from the steep hills got us out of the region of erratic wind force and direction that these walls of rock create.
Approaching Rencontre Bay
As the fog began to lift we could now see the spectacular rock-faced hills off to leeward and Rencontre Bay ahead to windward. It remained gusty but as we sailed in under the windward point of land the seas began to diminish.
Rencontre barrasway beach
There were a number of houses in the settlement, and the anchorage there was sheltered. However, it was occupied by a few boats, including a large tour boat, so we anchored further in to the westward off the barrasway beach. Once again we had a beach fire for steak and foil wrapped vegetable dinner consumed after sundown in bug-free conditions.

On the beach

At the mouth of the brook.

Tuesday, 1 August 2006
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Thursday, 3 August 2006