South Coast of Newfoundland

Four weeks along the South Coast of Newfoundland aboard the “Concertina” from mid-July to mid-August 2006.

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Little Bay to Piccaire Harbour;
A day of exploration.

Little Harbour North Arm Cove
The first part of Thursday was spent rowing about exploring the three coves that form the head of Little Bay. It was flat calm and sunny in the Arm, with fog drifting over the height of land dividing us from Hermitage Bay.
Little Bay North Arm Cove By dinghy we sounded the periphery of this cove and determined that the only suitable depth was where we were guided by the chart to set our anchor.
Freshwater pond
We went ashore across the Arm and found a fine freshwater pond that was located behind a clearing at the Southern Arm Cove. A short walk through the woods brought us to its shore.
Head of Little Bay We also checked out the river flowing into the end of the NE Arm. We intended to assess its bathing potential, but the bugs convinced us that this exploration was not essential.
Entrance to Sam Hitche's Harbour After retrieveng our stern line to shore, we raised anchor and motored out Little Bay, exploring some if its other coves, including Little Harbour, on the way. These coves afforded some shelter, but the water was too deep for a good anchorage. This view is at the entrance to Sam Hitche’s Harbour.
Sam Hitche's Harbour Channel Traveling north up the Harbour channel.
Fishing camp in Sam Hitche's Harbour We passed this shore camp in Sam Hitche’s Harbour. It seemed to be a trim example of the seasonal camps that are common in protected spots along this coast.
Waterfall at head of Sam Hitche's Harbour We anchored for lunch near this dramatic waterfall at the head of the Sam Hitche’s. While we admired this view, a mink kept a watchful eye on us.
Sam Hitche's Harbour panorama
John went ashore to explore, climbing the heights at the end of the Harbour and gaining this long-range view for his efforts.
During the afternoon we motored out to Hermitage Bay and sailed eastward to Piccaire Harbour. It was sunny with gentle breezes for a leisurely run up Hermitage Bay, complete with whales spouting in the distance to the east.
Entrance to Piccaire Harbour upper basin We sailed into Piccaire, and passing up the reputed pleasures of anchoring in Pink Bottom, continued until we came to the narrows where we used the motor to get us into the upper basin.
Anchorage at western end of Piccaire inner basin At the western end of this basin a stream makes its appearance out of the dense growth ashore. We anchored close in at this location.
Shallow pond There are two small pools in this stream. A steep caribou trail leads to a shallow pond that is surrounded by boggy ground...
Pond ...or by high cliffs.
Piccaire Harbour inner basin
The view of this basin from our anchorage was a grand one but with this sweep from the east we set the starb’d anchor for peace of mind during the night, and besides that there were some rocks under water not too far off our port hand.

Wednesday, 26 July 2006
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