South Coast of Newfoundland

Four weeks along the South Coast of Newfoundland aboard the “Concertina” from mid-July to mid-August 2006.

Monday, 17 July 2006

Burgeo to Kings Harbour;
After provisioning, we search for a good anchorage.

Burgeo Channel
Next morning the dinghy was launched from its lashed down position on deck. We then sailed over to Burgeo and up Short Reach to a wharf at the abandoned fish plant. From that point it was a short walk to the Foodland Store where we put a large dent in their Purity display, loading up on ginger snaps, an essential for cruising in these waters.
We motored around the headland at the eastern entrance to Burgeo and explored “The Ha Ha”. We found that a sheltered cove with potential for achorage was inaccessible due to a shallow, rocky entrance and substantial current. Explorations complete and duly noted, we headed off in the fog to King’s Harbour.
Kings Harbour Eastern Arm Our first choice was to anchor in the Eastern Arm. The inner cove was well sheltered, but it proved to be a minefield of large underwater boulders that did not allow safe swinging room.
Kings Harbour Western Arm Our second choice was the Western Arm with its strong outflow from the Salmon River. We crossed a soft shoal at the entrance to the Arm, about 1½ fathoms deep, to anchor in about 2½ fathoms of water with just enough swinging room between the opposite shores.
taking soundings The chief leadsman is herein attempting to introduce a dubious crewmember to the finer points of the ship’s traditional depth sounding system.
Anchored in Kings Harbour Western Arm We rowed a short distance up the arm to the freshwater, where a stream flowed over and around large rocks to enter the Arm. On the way back to Concertina, we were met by two men in an outboard skiff. After a good talk with them, we retired to the comforts of the cabin for the evening.

Sunday, 16 July 2006
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Tuesday, 18 July 2006