South Coast of Newfoundland

Four weeks along the South Coast of Newfoundland aboard the “Concertina” from mid-July to mid-August 2006.

Saturday, 15 July 2006

Departure from the Great Bras d'Or;
Time and tide determine the sail plan.

Island Cove sunup Having checked the tide tables we knew an early start would be needed to catch the slack ebb Saturday morning at the narrows. So before sun-up the engine was ticking over and the anchor raised.
Seal Island Bridge We headed towards Seal Island Bridge under full power giving us about 5 knots and more depending on the varying strength of the out-going current.
Seal Island Bridge astern At 0630 we were swept beneath the bridge and headed towards the Great Bras d’Or Channel.
Kelly's Cove At Kelly’s Cove, we came alongside the government wharf to hoist the dinghy aboard, where it was secured for crossing the Cabot Strait. By nine o’clock we had cast off and had passed through the gut into the buoyed channel leading out to sea where we soon met a fresh northerly breeze.
Cabot Strait Sail was raised and we bore off to the eastward, headed towards Burgeo. It was a sunny day and the seas built to nearly 6 feet. We soon began our wheel-watch and napping routine for the open water crossing.

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