Heckmanns Anchorage

Launching Schoodic, 2008

"Schoodic" spent the winter in her cradle on the hard at Scotia Trawler in Lunenburg.

Launching Day 2008: June 9.

The boat and cradle are moved to the marine railway, which lowers them into the water, where the boat floats free.


Boat and captain are ready for the launch.

The bowsprit will be installed after the boat is maneuvered onto the marine railway. The mast will be installed at a later date.

A front-end loader (see next photo) has skidded the cradle a couple of hundred feet from its previous position to the top end of the marine railway.

The next step is tricky, pushing the boat and cradle sideways onto the railway car.

The cradle is not much narrower than the marine railway car, so great care is needed to center the cradle for its short trip to the water.

It looks like the captain is offering a prayer for a safe launching, and he may be, but he is also giving direction to the front-end loader driver.

Boat and cradle are safely on the marine railway.

Look carefully to see the skid marks made by the cradle as it was moved.

The bowsprit has been installed.

The rail car is being lowered down into the water.

Here is the winch that lowers and raises the marine rail car.

Schoodic is about to float free of the cradle, and will be made fast to the wharf.

Schoodic has been made fast to the wharf and the cradle is on its way back up the railway.

All done. The cradle will be stored away. The mast will be stepped later.


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